Pollinator Gardens

When Mrs. Althea Clark bequeathed Bent of the River farm to National Audubon Society, she left explicit instructions about its use for education and the maintenance of the land—such as preserving it for native flora and fauna and having no trail blazes or interpretive signs. She wanted the Bent to be kept in a state of "mild wildness."

Today, the pollinator and wildlife plantings on the property support her directives, providing a beautiful natural habitat for pollinating insects, birds, and other wildlife to live and for people to enjoy. The covered viewing deck off the historic barn is one of the most visited places on the property. Bird feeders dot the landscape as well as native plants that provide wildlife food and shelter. Stop by and enjoy this area throughout the year. Borrow a pair of binoculars and come see what you will find.

Want to grow your own plants for birds and wildlife?

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