Your membership to Bent of the River Audubon Center is very important to us. When you support us as a member, you also receive these benefits:

  • Free admission to the Bent of the River and free or reduced admission at many other Audubon Connecticut sanctuaries and centers.
  • A subscription to Audubon—the National Audubon Society's award-winning magazine.
  • Automatic free enrollment in the Audubon Chapter closest to your home address.
  • A discount to workshops, courses, and selected events sponsored by the Bent of the River.
  • A subscription to the Bent of the River quarterly newsletter.
  • Many National Audubon Society centers and sanctuaries throughout the U.S. also reciprocate with free or reduced admission and nature store discounts.
  • 10% discount on most merchandise purchased in person or by phone at the Audubon Nature Stores in Greenwich and Sharon, Connecticut.
  • Benefits extended for one year.

Please contact Morgan Evans at 203-405-9112 for information on how to become a member.

Select here to download our Membership Form

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