Important Bird Areas

A global Audubon program dedicated to identifying and safeguarding habitat to protect sustainable populations of birds

The Bent of the River Audubon Center sanctuary is a recognized Important Bird Area for its unique habitats and the birds of High Conservation Priority nesting here in Southbury, Connecticut.

Audubon's Important Bird Areas (IBA) program recognizes that habitat loss and fragmentation are the most serious threats facing populations of birds across America and around the world. A key component of many bird conservation efforts, the IBA program is a global effort to identify areas that are most important for maintaining bird populations, focusing conservation efforts to where they will have the greatest impact.

By working through partnerships to identify those places that are critical to birds during some part of their life cycle (breeding, wintering, feeding, migrating), Audubon Connecticut hopes to minimize the effects that habitat loss and degradation have on bird populations.

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