2022 Audubon Summer Day Camp for Grades 1 - 2 and 3 - 4


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June 27 - July - 1— Nature Detectives

Explore the forest floor and look for interesting items that have fallen from trees and plants. Can you find colorful leaves, fluffy feathers, and clues of animal evidence? Make a nature bracelet with some of the treasures you find.

July 5 - 8 — Nature Ninja

Come practice the art of camouflage and close observation. Learn how to be calm, quiet, and prepared—as we discover how to be one with nature.

July 11 - 15 — Wet & Wild

Explore the river, vernal pool, and Crayfish Alley and discover the plants and animals that live here. Meet live animals with special water adaptations.

July 18 - 22 — Bioblitz

Spend the week “blitzing” our 700-acre wildlife sanctuary, as we record every species that we can find! What creatures will you discover?

July 25 - 29 — Nature's Band

Do you hear the sounds of nature? Listen to bird songs, frog calls, and the wind in the trees. Discover and explore Animal Voices. Create your own instrument and play in Nature’s Band.

August 1 - 5 — Busy as Beavers

Let’s get busy! Spend this jam-packed week building dams, nests, and other shelters. Explore as many locations as we can find. Discover the many ways the animals at the Bent stay busy year-round.

August 8 - 12 — ImagiNature

Become a nature artist for the week! Help us fill the Bent of the River with camper-designed land art; mud creatures on tree trunks, toad and fairy homes, and sand and clay structures. We’ll use materials we find throughout our meadow, river, and forest.

August 15 - 19 — Adventure-land

Join us for one last summer adventure, from water games to fort building, wetland traversing to log flipping! Try all of the Bent's favorite activities in one fun-filled week.

Naturalists Camp Information

Tuition for Naturalists camp sessions is $350 per camper per week.

Naturalists Camp Hours & Length: Camp sessions last one week, Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Camp Registration: Registration opens February 15, 2022. Camp spots will be reserved only after registration is completed and tuition is received.

For more camp information, email or call 203-405-9113.

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