2017 Audubon Day Camp for Grades 1 - 2 and 3 - 4

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June 26 – 30 – Waterworlds

Splash into our Pomperaug River sites and dip into our vernal pool! Discover the amazing adaptations of the creatures from the shallows and the deep. Learn why objects float or sink and how the water we drink has been around since the dinosaurs!

July 5-7 – Fantastic Birds (and Where to Find Them)

No magical case is needed to find and document an extraordinary array of "magical creatures" here at the Bent of the River.  If we look carefully, these colorful creatures are all around us.  We'll learn how to identify various species of birds, where to find them, what types of dangers threaten them and what we can do to help rescue fantastic beasts of the bird world who may need our help.

July 10 – 14 – Time Travelers

History and Mystery!  Discover the hidden past of the Bent, from colonial stone walls and Rochambeau’s Road to Native Americans, who lived off the land, and even back to the time of the dinosaurs.  We will uncover all of the hidden mysteries of our incredible past!

July 17 – 21 - Mudpies and Make Believe

It’s only a good day in nature if you come home wearing some of it!  Enjoy a week of hands-on fun in the mud as we explore, create, and immerse ourselves in the Bent!

July 24 – 28 - Audubon GO!

Instead of playing Pokemon for points, campers will go outside and earn points in Audubon GO for every animal, plant, rock, or natural target that is the topic of the day!

July 31 – August 4 – BioBlitz

Spend the week “blitzing” our 700-acre wildlife sanctuary, as we record every species that we can find! This week-long field study will include forest hikes, river exploration, and meadow and field excursions to look for birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and insects galore.

August 7 – 11 - Creature Powers

Animals have amazing adaptations to help them survive in the wild.  We'll explore some of these awesome "powers" as we transform ourselves and "become" the animals.  This session is based loosely on the children's PBS hit TV show Wild Kratts.

August 14 – 18 - Flight Training

Become a natural test pilot as we explore all the different kinds of flight and the animals that use them.  Did you know the Peregrine Falcon can dive at over 200 mph, or that spiders can parachute, or that dragonflies can eat in midair?  We’ll explore all of these and more!

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