2017 Audubon Camp for Grades 5 - 6 and 7 - 8

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June 26 – 30 – H2Olympics

Spend the morning exploring the Pomperaug River, Transylvania Brook, Weasel Swamp, and our Vernal Pools!  Cool off in the afternoon by creating and playing water games with wet and wild obstacle courses.

July, 5-7 – Survivor Camp

Find out how to survive in the great outdoors! Learn how to make shelters, cook an outdoor meal, use maps and compasses, stay dry, and have fun with nature. Put your skills to use at a Bent of the River campout where you will cook dinner over the campfire, enjoy a night hike, and sleep in tents. Session includes an overnight on Thursday.

July 10 – 14 – The Throwbacks

Everyone loves a “Throwback Thursday”!  Enjoy a journey back in time.  Did you know that dinosaur descendants still live among us, that the stones in our walls come from a time when we would have been one mile under ice?!

July 17 – 21 - Hogwarts @ Audubon

Ever dream of attending a school like Hogwarts?  At Hogwarts @ Audubon, campers will try their hand at classes including "Herbology," "Care of 'Magical Creatures'," and even "Potions."  Suitable even for muggles, this camp will connect campers to the natural world with a literary twist.

July 24 – 28 - Audubon GO!

Grab your digital camera and capture real wildlife!  The rarer it is, the more points you’ll get as we build our virtual menagerie to show off in a slideshow at the end of the week.

July 31 – August 4 – Stylin’ & PROfilin’

Meet the Pros!  Join us for a week of special guests, from people who work with live animals to those who capture them on film, we’ll get an inside look during some very special presentations, and hands-on activities.

August 7 – 11 - Amazing Adaptations

From the regenerative limbs of salamanders to the silent flight of an owl, explore all of the amazing adaptations that make nature like living in the world of comic books!

August 14 – 18 - Twilight Explorers

Some animals are most active when the sun goes down.  Venture into the twilight with us to meet bats, owls, and beavers! Campfires, stargazing, and twilight hikes make this a magical week.

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